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Cloud kitchen Consulting Services scope of work with consultant fees INDIA

Cloud kitchen Consulting Services

Namaskar, starting up of the cloud kitchen is very good idea after COVID-19. Because there are a lot of restaurants nearby you in your city with going to closed due to COVID-19 in back on their business so your project cost equipment cost and most of them think will be reduced to 50%. So it's a great opportunity to start your own cloud Kitchen in your city and provide tasty and yummy food to the peoples and make good morning money.

Let me introduce you about our self

My name is Amit professionally I am a chef consultant and people recognize me as a problem-solving individual for food business. I provide 360 Consulting and services to the food business for not starting from planning to ensuring success by great marketing.

In this mission, I am very proud of everyone who is helping me and Associate me from the last 10 years. I have a solid team of chefs, food cost controllers, FNB trainers, HR managers, and software programmers and Google Digital Marketers.


I would like to mention what are the services we provide to cloud kitchen set up 


1. Cloud kitchen setup planning    

 2. Cloud kitchen menu planning   

3. Cloud kitchen manpower suggestion and planning and recommendation  @ Free

4.  Cloud kitchen menu recipe and Standardization    

5. coud kitchen purchase item list-Making   

6. cloud kitchen free working area setup    

7. cloud kitchen food delivery sequence of service

8. cloud kitchen packing box designing suggestion

9. cloud kitchen food safety training and suggestions

10. cloud kitchen staff training

11.  cloud kitchen restaurant website development with payment gateway one-time investment

We will be also promoting your project on Google on our website for next year free if we are Consulting on your project.




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