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Indian thali Home Hotel delivery anywhere in Bangkok

Namaskar, are you looking for a portion of good Indian food in Bangkok and you are looking for home delivery of Indian catering services. Then I would like to share with you good news I am an Indian chef and I can help you finding good Indian thali home delivery anywhere in Bangkok. Trust me the Indian thali which I am going to send you anywhere in Bangkok will be having authentic Indian taste variety and innovative food and a reasonable price if you compare with India we will find the same price.

First of all I would like to introduce you to myself my name is Chef Amit and I am from India and I am providing a great service to all those brothers and sisters in Thailand full love Indian food. I would like to tell you recently we have added Ayurvedic and medicated Indian thali in Bangkok we can also offer tasty Halal Indian butter chicken and many more Indian delicacies.

We have a very big Central kitchen available in Bangkok and we can provide you anywhere in Bangkok the only condition is the order in advance and believe me we can send you up to 500 Indian food parcels anywhere in Bangkok we have a very big Central kitchen and Catering company and we are providing day and night Indian food meals to the hospitality industry. In Bangkok, I will be sharing you my phone number you can contact me either on my India number or on my bank off the number I will be very thankful if you contact me on WhatsApp because nowadays network problem in my phone is coming and maybe my phone not reachable so you can contact me on WhatsApp can I will revert back to you I am sharing you my contact address of India and Bangkok you can contact me if you're looking for Indian thali and Indian 6 meals in Bangkok anywhere I am going to deliver you reasonable price guarantee tasty food authentic Indian food will be hundred percent.


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