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Indian catering services in Bangkok Best 10 cater Phone Number Name

Namaskar from India, I am Chef Amit Gaur Indian chef and providing catering services in Bangkok Thailand.I am having 20 years of working experience in 5-star luxury hotels in India and presently my catering services in mind-boggling in Bangkok. If you are looking for Centre catering services in Bangkok especially all types of Indian food Punjabi food Maharashtrian food South food Gujarati food and authentic Rajasthani food I am the only one in Bangkok who can deliver you authentic Indian food in Bangkok for all your small and big event.

I am very excited to show you this information that presently I have done a tie up with one of the biggest food catering company y in Bangkok and I am providing my Indian recipes to them. My responsibility is to provide good quality of Indian recipes and observation the overall taste and authentic Indian recipes and his responsibility is to cook my food and delivering to the customer anywhere in Bangkok.

Overall I don't want to waste you're too much of time if you are looking for Indian food catering tiffin services for you want to enjoy an Indian evening at Bangkok and you want authentic Tandoori Chicken Butter Chicken for Indian kebabs and Indian curries authentic which can make your guests feel that they are enjoying and eating authentic Indian food then please contact me on my phone number on WhatsApp

You can also write me an email for all type of Catering events in Bangkok and I will be providing you free of cost propose catering food and menu I would like to mention that I am also providing Indian food catering counter for weddings and small and big show events in Bangkok my all the brothers who are living in Bangkok and who want to enjoy authentic Indian food please give the opportunity to your younger brother Chef Amit Gaur to delete your event in Bangkok with my outstanding Indian catering services in Bangkok

In the last, I would like to gratitude to you reading my information about my catering services in Bangkok and with his great opportunity I would like to thank you for visiting on my website and giving us the order for all the catering Indian functions in Bangkok my gratitude and my regards to you and your family and if you give me the opportunity to provide you best catering services I will give you a guarantee my catering services are best in Bangkok and I will promise you to provide authentic Indian taste with the lowest price and wow food hygiene and superb Indian hospitality.

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