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Indian Veg food in Bangkok Top 10 Restaurants and tiffin service provider

Hello everyone I am sure enjoy in Bangkok city, my name is Amit I am a Indian and we provide vegetarian food in Bangkok we have 24 restaurants and tiffin services in Bangkok all suburbs and Soi. You can contact me on my phone number I will send you latest menu for lunch and dinner I can also offer you big discount if you visit our restaurant which is available on the major stations in Bangkok. If you want to enjoy vegetarian food in your apartments and hotel we can also provide you best tiffin services innovative Indian food Punjabi North Indian South Indian and delicious Rajasthani food you can also try our Gujarati food in Bangkok you will find authentic vegetarian food is available by myself I would like to mention that I have a team of 24 people in Bangkok who are expert cooks and I have agreement one of the catering service providers in Bangkok. Who provide my authentic Indian recipes in Bangkok if you are looking for delicious and tasty food in Bangkok specially vegetarian Indian food you can contact me I am available 24 hour on my phone number email address and WhatsApp number

I am delighted to share you my India number and Bangkok number you can contact me on any of the number and trust me I will provide you delicious and tasty food for all type of your events for any type of set meals.



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