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attention Indian food lover at bangkok Grab 20% discount Online Tiffin Thali

this article will make happy to all those at Bangkok city Thailand would love Indian food sharing you information about best Indian restaurant at Bangkok with their contact address phone numbers and offers and promotion you can get big discount online different Thali from this restaurant at Bangkok so explore save money and enjoy good Indian food at Bangkok from these restaurants Cafe and eateries . Namaskar Indian food lovers at Bangkok city Thailand. My name is Amit and I am sharing you a great information because today I am sharing you information on how you can save 20% discount on your lunch and dinner and join Indian food yes if you are in Bangkok and looking for Indian food at Bangkok and you want to save money then this article is for you because I am going to share your information about top best Indian restaurant in Bangkok with their menu with prices and offers and promotions.

I have recently come about MRS Balbirs Kitchen at Bangkok, they have built up a great Maine kitchen a cloud Kitchen at Bangkok and they are serving excellent Indian food to the Indian roots Indian tourist and all those families visiting Bangkok city in Thailand and now missing authentic good Indian food at Bangkok have variety of vegetarian and Indian tiffin Thali service available the only thing you have to do is you have to book one day advance I will be sharing you their phone number their email address and their contact ID so it is easy for you just one phone call or maybe one email you can book Indian lunch and dinner at Bangkok and you will get excellent authentic Indian tiffin Thali at Bangkok.

Let me first tell you what you will get in vegetarian tiffin Thali at Bangkok from this company at Bangkok

1 the Indian veg Thali consists of one paneer ka sabji, mix vegetable, Indian curry, special preparation from the rice, Indian sweet, Indian different type of breads salad and many more Chef delight this vegetarian tiffin is good for one person and believe me the portion size are too big that if you order one lunch maybe you will escape evening snacks.

2. The non-vegetarian Thali includes Good quantity of non-veg chicken mutton fish with Indian style preparation vegetables rice Indian bread and curd preparation. Butter chicken will definitely delete you in this vegetarian preparation tiffin thali. Overall this mail will give you three things in Bangkok because I am sure whoever from India visiting Bangkok and they will find a price difference between Indian rupees and Bangkok Thai Baht. So this restaurant is one of the topmost restaurant and Bangkok and they provide excellent Indian food Indian curries and great Indian hospitality.

the vegetarian Thali cost you: 450.00 

the non-vegetarian Thali cost you  650.00 

Mrs. Balbir's

Address: Silom Complex, Central 191 Si Lom, Silom, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Location Help click here 

I am sure you are excited to know more about this restaurant so let me begin with the menu they are offering presently,

They have a variety of Indian food at the menu you can enjoy Punjabi food South Indian food North Indian food Gujarati food in this restaurant or you can order online this is the best option available because if you are staying anywhere in the hotel at Bangkok and you want to eat Indian food just one phone call prior one day, and this company will Serve You Indian food at your hotel currently on time and you can enjoy Indian food sitting at your hotel at Bangkok city Thailand.


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