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Fried fish and thai Green curry at centralworld mall with Chili sauce

I would like to give you my review about this authentic seafood restaurant at Central World Mall they have variety of Thai food available and the fish which is fried and served with white Chili sauce is amazing namaskar and welcome to my blog I am writing review about one of the Thai specialty restaurant at central world hall Bangkok and I am sharing you the good quality food they are serving to the peoples at Thailand Bangkok.

I have visited the central world mall today you can enjoy the lunch at is Cafe Cafe provide such a good quality of fried fish with tartar sauce and hi Jesus I really like that food the food is very good because the rate is very good in fact the food quality is superb and rate is excellent everybody I am sure now looking for a good quality of rates for the food because apni Thailand the food is very expensive and especially the seafood but this restaurant offers excellent low price cheap price good quality of seafood and baby if you visit to this restaurant you will happy to eat good fried fish with seafood salad and other preparations go enjoy this is my review about one of the Thai restaurants at central world Mall Bangkok.

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