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Namaskar Indian brothers and sisters at Bangkok, the city in Thailand. Are you looking for Indian food in Bangkok then this article is for you because in this article we are going to share your information and details about how and Who is a reasonable price Indian restaurant at Bangkok, for eating lunch and dinner fix Indian set meals and thali? Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. Article going to be very interesting because if you book your lunch dinner Indian meals in advance from this restaurant you will find 20% discounts and off. You have the option either take away, Idea eats at the restaurant, or deliveries at your hotel or anywhere in Bangkok. ( of course, delivery charges will be extra if you ask your Indian thali to be delivered at your hotel at certain time of day).Talk to Chef on Whatapp and Check Today Menu and Price

Namaskar friends my name is Chef Amit Gaur and I am from India, and today I am going to help you find a suitable Indian restaurant in Bangkok. I did my travelling recently to Bangkok and I have made a few good friends who are the owner of Indian restaurants in Bangkok. Requesting them you give me this opportunity to connect with you my Indian brothers and sisters visiting at Bangkok city Thailand and take illiterate to provide them reasonable price lowest Indian food at Bangkok.Talk to Chef on Whatapp and Check Today Menu and Price

And believe me he has committed me that whoever customer coming from India and from your reference will give them 20% discounts and promotions and of other they come to our restaurant in eat lunch and dinner they can take Indian food takeaways parcels or anything so overall if you want to say your 20% read this article till end because I am you save 20% on your lunch and dinner at Bangkok they give you a commitment that you will eat fantastic authentic Indian food at Bangkok of  non vegetarian, Indian food, for strictly vegetarian food at Bangkok.

I am sure you are thinking about me who I am and why I am doing it, my name is Amit Gaur, I am one of the chefs from India, and I keep travelling different countries and Different cities and exploring Indian food and teaching peoples Indian food in abroad. Recently I have visited Bangkok Thailand and I have made many Indian restaurant owners friends. I find the quality of Indian food in Bangkok was not too good. They have authentic names but not proper authentic taste so what I did I teach few shapes in Bangkok who can now provide you authentic spicy Punjabi Joshi Indian food. And because if you take my name they will give you 20% discount also. Believe me I am not taking any commissions from that restaurant owner which may be e many people thinking after reading this article I want to help my brothers and sisters visiting at Bangkok city and connect them with right peoples restaurant owner who provides authentic to believe me I was suffering for at least 20 days in Bangkok eating good Indian food and then I find these peoples in Bangkok who are the restaurant owners in Bangkok and now they are providing such a great authentic Indian food so if you are looking for Indian food in Bangkok you can contact these restaurant owners and give my reference and ask for 20% discount you have three options available either you can visit to the restaurant at Bangkok at 8:30 Indian food or you can ask for takeaway you can visit this restaurant take your food and come back at your hotel for eat or you can ask for deliveries of Indian food at your hotel, of course, there will be delivery charges added into your food. Talk to Chef on Whatapp and Check Today Menu and Price

Overall if you use my suggestions are going to benefit you three things in Bangkok which definitely helpful for you.

1. I will be ensuring that you will get authentic Indian food at Bangkok.

2. I will be ensuring that you will save 20% of your building from this restaurant so if you give my reference you will save 20% on food billing.

3. Whatever you want to eat at Bangkok it is available at your hotel or you can reach to eat especially if you are travelling with the children's you need something very authentic Khichdi, kids food, chapati, and other food. If you are travelling with your parents and senior citizens you need special type of food which we cook at our house daily basis in India. I know all the peoples were travelling to Bangkok of only have this problem " the food quality at especially Indian food is not up to the mark and the prices are very expensive"

and with the help of this article, I am going to solve all your problem finding a suitable Indian restaurant in Bangkok and discounts and offers and special Indian set meals and different Thali.

Let's begin with the menu item and cost of Indian tiffin and Thali services.

Talk to Chef on Whatapp and Check Today Menu and Price

Lunch & Dinner Tiffin Service at the Bangkok office 

show the conclusion is if you contacting us we will giving your guarantee that I am going to give you my references and 20% discount to all those my friends Indian restaurants at Bangkok and because I am from India if you have any problem I will be available for you 24 hour in India but it is my own experience from last 6 months whoever I am recommending to this restaurant are saying me thank you and whenever they are coming back we become good friends. So you can contact me Talk to Chef on Whatapp and Check Today Menu and Price . And enjoy delicious Indian food at Bangkok among these best restaurants in reasonable and cheap price.

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